Outstanding Tattoo Services

There’s nothing more creative than expressing yourself through the work of a custom tattoo. Our artists can create the perfect custom piece for you. From color tattoos to grayscale tattoos, we do it all. Choose from our thousands of designs or bring by your favorite designs and we’ll give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Tattoo Services

  • Fineline and Modern
  • Tribal or Traditional
  • Color or Black & Grey
  • Reworks and Cover-ups
  • Permanent Cosmetics
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Microblading

We Offer

  • Black, Bright, and Pastel Colors
  • Modern Sterilization
  • Over 30,000 Designs
  • Custom Tattoos
  • Experienced Artists
  • Free Touch-Ups 6-8 Weeks After Tattoo is Done (Excluding Specific Areas)

Hygienic Services

We firmly believe that our sanitation procedures and standards are a direct reflection of our shop. All of our artists use single-use needles and modern sterilization techniques.
Tattoo Design

Providing Great Tattoos to the First Timers

For a first-timer tattoo enthusiast, getting inked can be an exciting as well as stressful experience. Don’t be nervous! Come to Ink Wizard Tattoo and get yourself inked by the experienced professionals.

Our experts pay close attention to first timers with respect to types of skin and different techniques of tattoo. If the skin starts feeling clammy, we stop tattooing and attend to our client. Once the tattoo is done, you’ll be given all the aftercare instructions needed for your tattoo. You can call us with any concerns and questions regarding your tattoo.

Professional Piercing Services

Are you ready to finally get the piercing you have been dreaming about? We’re here to make that dream a reality. If you can point to it on your body, we can pierce it. All of our equipment is completely sterilized and individually packaged to ensure your health is never at risk.
Piercings are done in private to ensure you are comfortable at all times. From naval to surface piercings, we do it all. Stop by Ink Wizard Tattoo today to get your next piercing from the best piercers in town.

Piercings We Offer

  • Ears
  • Lips
  • Face
  • Tongue
  • Navel
  • Private Female Piercings

Get in Touch With One of Our Fantastic Piercing Professionals

  • Jessica
  • Pascale
  • Morgan
  • Cassidy

Piercings Done With 316L Stainless Steel Jewelry

You can rely on us to provide you with hygienic piercing services as we use
high-quality 316L stainless steel jewelry for all piercings. We make your piercings successful as we use 316L surgical stainless steel jewelry that helps in the healing process.

Visit Us Today

We always keep your needs in mind. You never have to worry about your piercer not listening to your specifications.

From our private piercing rooms, to our large jewelry selection, you can trust that your needs will be met. Get in touch with us now for more information or stop by today to experience a top-notch piercing.

Piercing Prices:


Cosmetic and Microblading
Microblading is a meticulous tattooing process available to anyone looking for a semi-permanent solution for their brows. A small blade is used to deposit ink throughout the brow area. Once ink is in the upper layers of skin, the result is a natural-looking and fuller brow that lasts up to three years. Ink Wizard Tattoo provides permanent cosmetic make up services for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips.

Check Out the Benefits of Permanent Cosmetic Services

If you are tired of penciling in your eyebrows every morning, envying other girls’ eyebrows and wishing you had that full, yet natural defined look, simply ask the shop manager about microblading. With our personalized attention and high-quality artistic work, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.
With the passing years, you can lose eyebrow hair for various reasons. This can include excessive plucking and waxing, trauma to the face, hair loss, and even the simple factor of age.
With permanent cosmetics, you can achieve the full eyebrow look you desire. We carefully work to achieve the exact look you want and make sure it will complement the natural shape of your face. Whether you would like darker eyebrows, lighter eyebrows, thinner eyebrows or thicker eyebrows, we can give you the look what you want!
If you’re experiencing a lightening of the eyelashes, turn to Ink Wizard Tattoo for permanent cosmetics. You can have permanent eyeliner that will enhance the dark line around your lids, causing your lashes to look darker and longer. A huge dilemma women who wear eyeliner face is the dreaded smear and smudging of your eyeliner. With permanent eyeliner, you can rub your eyes as much as you would like without worrying about smudges and smears. You’ll also never have to worry about matching your eyeliner every day. 
Lip Liner or Lip Color
Do you want to change your lip color due to discoloration? Or have you simply never liked your natural lip color? With permanent cosmetics, you can enhance your lip color, shape and size. Many wish they could change their natural lip color to a darker shade, to make their lips more appealing. Now you can!
Overall, permanent cosmetics can give you the look you’ve been trying to achieve. It will also save you a lot of time each morning!

Easy Tattoo Removal

Change your art to keep up with your ever-changing life. Whether you want to modify your existing tattoo or have it removed completely, Ink Wizard Tattoo is here to help! Our non-laser, natural and organic Tatt2Away Tattoo Removal Treatment expels every pigment of color and gives amazing results. Read on to learn more about our tattoo removal services!

Why You Should Opt for Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal involves breaking of your skin particles to get rid of the ink. Sometimes, the treated skin doesn’t heal properly and you’re left with scars and spots.
Laser treatments actually push the ink from the skin’s surface to be absorbed into your body and have potentially long-term harmful effects to your body.
Moreover, the laser doesn’t remove certain inks, including red, blue, green and even purple and hard black. This is why non-laser tattoo removal is a safer and better way to get rid of your unwanted tattoos. Appointments are not necessary.
Tattoo Removal Healing Process

Tatt2Away-Certified Tattoo Removal Technicians

At Ink Wizard Tattoo, we have 2 Tatt2Away-certified technicians for your tattoo removal needs. Only a few practitioners provide the non-laser tattoo removal treatment. We’ve been doing this for 7 years, so rest assured that you’re in safe hands.
Tattoo Removal Process

Tatt2Away Tattoo Removal Consultation

To begin your tattoo removal process, you’ll meet with our Tatt2Away-certified technician to discuss your plan and develop a timeline for your tattoo removal. You’ll discuss the options to completely remove your tattoo or just cover up or alter your art.
Regardless of the size of your tattoo or the colors of your art, your Tatt2Away-certified technician will work with you to map out your plan and schedule for your natural, non-laser treatments.
The number of sessions needed will be determined based on the size of your tattoo, the complexity of the artwork as well as the location of your tattoo. Most sessions can be completed in 20-40 minute appointments and usually take 3 treatments – 1st session, 2nd session 10 weeks later and 3rd session another 10 weeks later. 
Tattoo Removal Process

Tattoo Removal Sessions

Using the template will minimize scarring and will gradually remove all the ink pigment from your skin.
Using equipment similar to a tattoo machine, the technician applies the solution in 5mm patches following the template developed. This process breaks down the ink pigments of your tattoo and basically pulls the ink from your skin as it scabs.
When the scab falls off, so does the ink – removing your tattoo. In order to maintain a healthy healing process, your technician will treat small areas at a time. This process continues until your entire tattoo is treated and removed.

Tattoo Removal Healing Process

Your tattoo removal process might not be as painful as receiving the tattoo. You decide your comfort level and pain threshold. Working in small sections, the Tatt2Away-certified technician will be able to work with your pace and adjust your plan as necessary to maximize your comfort level.
The TEPR® technique works with your own body’s natural healing abilities to basically reject your tattoo ink when the scab is formed. The ink is actually being removed from your body.

What to Expect From Your Natural, Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Just like you had to care for your original tattoo, the removal of your tattoo requires similar aftercare treatments. You’ll need to keep the treated areas clean and out of the sun between your sessions in order to achieve the best possible results.
The Skull Tattoos tattoo removal system uses saline, which our bodies produce to heal. The solution goes right to where pigment is, makes a pocket underneath the ink, pushes ink out and forms a scab. The ink is in the scab.
The skin turns pinkish after the treatment. Don’t be alarmed as the color will eventually return to the tone of your skin
Email us at aishwarymehrotra28@gmail.com to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our Tatt2Away-certified tattoo removal treatment technicians. We’re located at 1/153, ganga math, assi ghat, varanasi – 221005
(uttar pradesh)